Eco Innova Inc. presents its exclusive product, Spray E2 (Refillable Aerosol Can)

Spray E2 's Accesories Spray E2 Spray E2's Digital Mini Compressor

Spray E2 and Accesories

with our refillable areosol you save money and don't contribute to the large amount of tons of garbage

Our company is focused on greatly reducing the large amount of garbage we do, making products that are not for single use. As is Spray E2 (Refillable Aerosol Can).

Spray E2

Spray E2 is our new model of Refillable Aerosol Can


Spray E2's Accesories

This Accesories Box contains 20 Actuators, 1 Big Syringe and 1 Air Horn


Spray E2's Mini Digital Compresor

This is our Mini Digital Compressor 100% suitable for Spray E2


How to refill a Spray E2

Follow these simple steps

Watch video

How Refill Spray E2


I use the can of Spray E2 with antibacterial soap, I have it in the bathroom sink, buy a gallon of liquid soap and it lasts a long time.


i bought a spray E2 kit and a gallon of wd40, now I use it for everything, I put them often to my tools, and more now in rainy times here in Washington


Available On line only

Eco Innova Inc.


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